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The campaign is the collective work of an international group of like-minded people who saw the need to get behind the cause, championed by Rebecca Sowden, founding partner of Correct The Internet and owner of United Nations’ ‘Football for the Goals’ member Team Heroine – an international sports marketing consultancy. The problem was first discovered when DDB was recently researching facts about the world’s top footballers as part of a pitch. The team discovered that women held many of football’s records. However, when asking simple, ungendered questions to find these facts, the internet was incorrectly putting men ahead of the statistically superior women in its search results. Many of the best athletes in the world are women. But due to human bias, our search engines have learnt to prioritise male athletes in our search results, even when the facts put sportswomen first.


We let the world know buy creating a film. A social campaign that produced weekly incorrect search female statistics with corrected facts, posters, PR pack, educators pack, campaign look book, iconography, a website - and the tool itself.

Inspired by activism design the campaign uses a simple duotone scheme of orange and black paired with bold typography to maximise its visibility.

By using each search engine’s inbuilt feedback function to send feedback whenever we find something wrong, we can get the inconsistencies in our search results logged and fixed.
So we’re collecting the incorrect search results, and have built a tool so you can help us correct them with just a couple of clicks. The internet has learnt our bias. We created it. We have the power to fix it.

The mark comes from a combination of the female symbol and Search icon. A slight detail in the cross bar of the female symbol doubles as a crossed out device echoing the redaction and search bar used in our ‘statistic’ search query.

Now, a problem that has existed within search engines for decades has new momentum and is being solved, with search engines deploying new features to highlight women’s sport, offering both male and female results on searches.
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